Ludwig - Häsch es Problem?

Worked with 84 year old Ludwig and Lineli Solutions on a little campaign for Leukerbad Tourismus.
Check out the hilarious videos below even if some of you might not understand a single word. Merci Caldi, merci Ludwig, hüere super Sach!

What a take off!

Brusti and Santi

The Crowd

Absinthe Films' Resonance


 Great movie, great concert, great people, what a night! Thank you all! Check out all the photos on Whiteout or Facebook


The Absinthe Films premiere tour strats tonight with a bang! Santigold is gonna fire up the crowd in Zürich right after the first screening of Resonance.

Z Hore brennt!

Assisting days are going down! The Matterhorn in Zermatt was our 1st office background. More locations to come.

In Focus... Interview on

The guys from just came up with they're brand new website design featuring a big interview about me and my work with not less than 77 photos! The blog is daily updated so it's worth to be checked out regularly for sure!


I just got my first shot published on a sweet new photo blog. RadShot is all about showcasing awesome snowboard photos! Take a look and get psyched on one rad shot every day! Also on facebook