I'm currently at the annual MBM Monstersession in Sölden (more on that soon!) and I finally found actually working internet to show you some more snaps from last week in Laax. I had my very first heli flight and it was awesome! We found great spots with great snow and Nicolas just killed it = good times!
Brusti & Nicolas & Laax

One pretty good combo!

Levi and me are on a visit in Hoch-Ybrig where Mike Knobel and Deniz Cinek showed us around. Feels like spring but snow's still pretty decent so we shot a jump till sundown.
A Day Off
Went snowboarding today on a day off with my Contour. It was fun! Of course I won't torture you with my footage but you should check out Terje's Contour POV freeride edit at the Red Bull Supernatural below!

Fredi's home.

Spent a mellow day with Standard Films in Saas-Fee. Anne-Flore Marxer was on board and Fredi is home after 2 months in Austria. It was cool to get out there again after being sick in bed for a week.
It was cool to hang out with Sylvain Bourbousson again. That guy is just always in a good mood no matter what. Even if he hits his head on his knee in a landing - keep smiling 24/7. Such good times! Merci mec!
 Shot that one last Monday. Here some snaps.

That's the number of steps at the downrail Brandon cleared today. Awesome buddy!