Mat Schaer Fullpart!

Check out Mat's fullpart in DC Shoes' This is Snowboarding. Biiiig up Mat! Killer!
Whiteout Snowboarding No. 25

 Get a copy of the latest Whiteout Snowboarding issue 25. Mat Schaer's got the interview, DBK halfpage GapToWallride, Colin Frei with a Fs5 in the gallery and Fredi Kalbermatten with a spray in the Anonymous section. You can also read it here:
'bout Tracks&Mountains
I really like tracks. A photographed track allows every spectator to individually imagine the action that was happening just seconds earlier. Of course I like mountains too - verrry much.
(Some snaps from yesterday's powderday in Switaly)

Come and have a beer with us!
Alain 1st try to flat
Levi & Alain
And who the hell is supposed to shape that shit away?!
(Arnie-Boy - usually a master of style)
Hit the same zone again tonight. This time Andreas Arn and Alain Stampfli joined Levi and me.

Shot some urban stuff today. Levi, Jeremiah and Auri killed it on a drop but there are way more spots waiting to be killed in that zone.. So stay tuned!
Spatial Experience at Hungerberg
Today we were hiking at the Hungerberg in Obergoms with my friends from Spatial Experience. With Seb Bumann, Jurek Ruppen, Reto Kestenholz, Levi Luggen, Sten Smola and Jari Salo we were quite a crew. The snow was not too good cause it was pretty warm again the past few days but still good fun as usual.

Last weekend the world premiere of a local sitcom called 'Tschutter' went down at the Kino Capitol in Brig with a pretty sick party afterwards. Those guys from Salgesch did a damn good job! Big up! Watch out episode 1 might be dropping soon. Hüere güet!
POW Gloves

Got some sick gloves from POW! Especially the 'Transfilmer' is awesome as a photographer. Keeps your hands warm while shooting. Merci Ben!
The Valley
Pillow Stomp
Red Rocks
Recent Avalanche
Checked out a new zone with Levi and Jeremiah. Nice red rocks, several couloirs, trees and pillows so it has a whole lotta potential but it's pretty dangerous as you can see...
The Reason - Definition Snowboarding

Great news from UK! I'm super stoked on the latest issue of The Reason. A pretty new magazine with a very unique style, highly recommendable. We got the cover with Martin Seiler, Roger Eggel, Sebi Bumann and Levi Luggen. This was actually the 1st shot of last season. Then there is a little story with some Levi-Shots from Simplon Pass and a sneak peak of the next issue with Mike Knobel hiking in the powder of Cooke City. So stay tuned!