Auri & Levi on the brink
Smilmer gett'n ready
Gotta hike for your shit

Who would have thought we'd find a decent kicker spot in conditions like these? I didn't, so I did some Apr├Ęs-Ski last night and had to 'hangover-hike' up to this step-down spot on the Belalp today. Totally woth it! Good job Levi, Auri and Smim!
Fredi on the Hill.
Fredi dropping in.

Since it was still too warm and the snow got worse again the kicker still have to wait to be shot. But we had another pretty cool Shred'n'Shoot day with Fredi, Seili, Levi and Auri. Luv it!

Sending out some get-well-soon-buddy-wishes to my man Ahriel who unfortunately didn't have a pleasant first day shredding this season!
December Spring Session
Auri Stalefishing
Levi Flatlanding
Way too warm, again. But still fun!
Levi, Seili & Fredi.
Chasing the K
Last lift up!
Last Run down.
Some snaps from last Friday shredding my home resort with my boys Levi, Seili, Jurek and Fredi. It was great, thank's guys!
Wish you Merry Christmas and a killer 2012!
Orgasmic TreeRuns.
Had some epic runs through the woods down my home mountain today. Ride Greener Dude Sten Smola (of course in the green jacket), Levi Luggen, a few local buddies and myself we are grateful for this awesome day. ContourEdit may be dropping soon.
Powder...'s back.

White Rabbit
Levi, Jammy, Eschi & Snow
Levi wants you!
Eschi looking kinda stoned
4 Helli bitte!
Enjoying the dump
The Rabbit
After Robi kicked us out we shot a spot at the new bar of my friends Jammy and Eschi called 'White Rabbit'. It was Eschi's birthday so after the shoot we ate some awesome burgers and got hammered with some Schnapscoffees. What a day! Thank's guys for the great burgers and for letting us jump down your balcony!

Hie wird nix meh gmacht! from Silvano Zeiter on Vimeo.
Got kicked out by a gentleman in Bellwald yesterday. Totally worth to watch even if you don't understand a word. Enjoy! :D
Iouri as Leica Ambassador

Big up!
Fog Da Police.
Levi and I had a foggy shoot at a public parking lot today where a pretty nice person wanted to play police officer by trying to chase us away. He yelled at us and offered to cut our dicks off if we didn't hit the road. Good one. Guys like that are always in a bad mood cause they just don't get laid. Feel bad for ya, bro!
How I remember the first snowfall.
Kandersteg, 6. Dec 2011 7pm
Had a decent shred day with my friends. Snow was not too good but we surely enjoyed the stunning atmosphere up there. Windy times in Saas-Fee, perfect for mountain photos.

Transworld's Cheech'n'Chong
I'm super happy about another shot in Transworld SNOWboarding. Once again with Levi killing it in the Photo Annual! I'm also stoked on the text the guys wrote about the importance and fun of shooting with your friends and making things happen. Have a look! 

In case you're wondering who Cheech'n'Chong really are:

The season is launched...
Auri Anthamatten
... and the first spot in the can.