Iceripper Flohmarkt
Messehalle in Oerlikon

Mo representin his new baby Whiteout Golfing

Brusti representin Absinthe Films

Kung Pow! Enter The Fist xD

Mo and Eleven's Franz

Nico for Atreebutes

Tobi and Fips Strauss before heading back to Ibk
Long day for Auri & Dave
5 hours, tons of stuff and a few beers. The Iceripper flea market went down today. Some Snaps.

hä?hoodies 2011/2012 from hä?wear on Vimeo.
Get yours now here!
the evil eye.
Yves Suter is the man.
hä?beanies 2011/12

hä?beanies 2011/2012 from hä?wear on Vimeo.

Get 'em here!
looking good.
K2 Better Daze

Enjoy some Canadian early season jibbing.
RBI Exhibit The Photos

Thank's Löru for sending me over this one. Check all the photos he took of the night here.
Stop by if you get the chance...
RedBull Illume Exhibition in Bern

Good job Dedicam!
Come and take a look when the final 50 photos enlighten the night in the capital. It's definitely worth it! Here's mine. You can still vote for the People's Choice Award by the way!
one windy spot.

alpenHOFF - A Swiss Bluebird adventure
Method Mag 12.1

Chad and the Allalin

Three Beauties

Chuck & Willie

Adam, Chad & Kurt

Fredi & Willie

Willie, Kurt & the HOFF

Kurt, Willie, Adam & Fredi in the background

To be honest I had no idea what to expect when I got a call and was asked if I wanted to join the Bluebird Crew from Jackson Hole in Saas-Fee. However looking back today I'm pretty stoked I said yes because those were without a doubt 3 of the most fun days ever. Awesome crew, awesome weather, awesome snow, awesome parties - awesome times!
The latest issue of Method Mag features the story of it and the movie called alpenHOFF should be available on iTunes and DVD soon. Check out the Trailer below!
Big fat thank's to Willie Mcmillon, Adam Dowell, Kurt Wastell, Chad Otterstrom, Chuck T, Ile Eronen, Nate Deschenes and of course to Fredi and Auri! It was a pleasure to shoot'n'shred with you guys.

alpenHOff Movie Trailer 1 from willie mcmillon on Vimeo.
Shot from my balcony. If you take a closer look you can see the cross on the peak..
Hüere gäre Bärga.
Seb & Mat - two brothers like day and night but good guys are both of 'em. Captured in Sri Lanka.

Today I had a pretty cool video shoot on the Grimselpass with the guys from Dedicam for RedBull Illume. Big up to Dedicam and also to the guys from Gelmerbahn.. Really gotta take a look at this sick place! Video dropping soon!
Perron 1 got WASTED.
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Busy Zurich.