Saas-Brätsch Summerfun
Markus Keller. Switch Method. What up?!

Seili, Dave & Mä


Rescue heli at the pipe - shifté!


Ciao Marki

Seili likes Perskindol
Some photos of todays summer session on the glacier of Saas-Fee. Honestly not much goin on up there but still fun with the right crew.
Children Of Pottubrätsch Part I
Guara and Family
Guara Guara
'Children of Pottubrätsch' contains some photos of kids we took while driving with our Tuktuk through downtown Pottuvil back in Sri Lanka. Part II coming soon.
Eleven 12
The new collection. Hit the pic and follow the link!
Love at first shot.
Just got home from Sri Lanka and after 2 months of waiting the new Fujifilm Finepix x100 had finally arrived. Other sample shots will follow. Stoooked!
Sri Lanka IV
Some screenshots of the first Contour-Test at Whiskey Point
Yes it happened to me as well! I lost my Contour after one of my best rides of my life at Lighthouse. May it rest in peace with all the other waterproof cameras and their gigabytes of footage on the bottom of the ocean.
Anyway now Mat Bumann, J Schwery and me are the last men standing. Just wondering if it's gonna be the same at the party at Mambo's tonight.. :D