The kid from Lighthouse

Cute little girl from Hilltop at Lighthouse
Sri Lanka III
The locals are killing it.

Same guy.
Me about to miss the tube.
Duckdives are harder than it looks like.

Some shots from a nice spot called Lighthouse. Got pretty crowded recently so we decided to travel around for some days. More on that soon.
Sri Lanka II
Seb der Depp.
Yeeii puppies!

 1 week in Sri Lanka. Pretty nice waves, sick food and some puppies hangin around in our backyard.
Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka
Féfé checking the swell (which was actually not so good that day).

Carrom. Pretty popular game around here.
We rented our own TukTuk. Mat Schaer seems happy about that.
Some snaps of my SurfTrip to Sri Lanka with Seb Bumann, Smim, Mat Schaer, Féfé Pellacani and Marco Anthenien. Unfortunately my 5D is broken now so there might be no photos for the next few weeks. We'll see.