Simon our friend the fisherman
Still waiting for the good weather to come. Headed out to the lake close to the camping side to catch some fish. Simon Gruber is the man when it comes to that.
Rescue Mission.

One of the rare sunny moments on our trip
After another two nights on the mountain in our RV the road is closed because of a sick snow storm. We ran out of food and water so we decided to leave our home/ride on the mountain and some guys we know got us down there in a tough rescue mission.
Im RV durch Skandi
Colin scouting

Camping Jondal
After one night on the mountain all alone with the storm we shaped jump and found a pretty nice zone which is gonna be our office for the next 10 days. Now we're back on the camping side and grilling spare ribs is on.

Not much blogging lately for a simple reason: pure laziness.
Currently I'm pretty stoked to be on a road trip with the guys from Isen7. Bad wheather but still good mood. Stay tuned!