DC Shred Days - Les Houches

Clemens Jezler & Gonsolin Benoit

Clem Fs3 Melön

Clem interviewing Torstein Horgmo
Fips Strauss

Without a doubt DC is one of the biggest and most established brands in the business. Once more they proved it by organizing the DC Shred Days that took place in Les Houches near Chamonix from the 20th to the 23rd of March! More...
Seb Bumann lying in the middle of his slash.
Finally got some hip deep powder around here so Seb Bumann, Levi Luggen, Sten Smola and me tracked the whole mountain jackin off 10times a run. YEAH!
Absinthe Films in Les Crosets.
Mat, Vlady & Sylvain hiking in the desert.
David Vladyka
We Heart Jumps
Last week I spent two awesome days with the guys from Absinthe Films in Les Crosets. As expected not too much snow but filmer Vlady knows where there are still cows to slaughter and we shot two jumps. Many thanks to Vlady, my aaw meeen Sylvain Bourbousson and of course to my hä?buddy Mat Schaer!
Good times.
Levi & Seb making love.
Seb, me and Levi in front of the Aletsch glacier.
Seb with his broken board.
The last few weeks were pretty busy so not much blogging in that time. I was shooting with K2 in Austria, with my buddies from the BlueBird Crew and Absinthe Films in the swiss alps. More on that later! Yesterday my week ended just perfectly. Shooting with two of my favorite home boys Levi Luggen and Sebi Bumann (who broke his board before actually shooting!). Good friends, mellow mood, perfect light what do you need more?!?