Whiteout Snowboarding #22 Sebi Bumann with a nice spray outta Saas-Fee in the Itinerary, Levi Luggen also slashin it on the Fiescheralp and 2 welcome to the team ads with Alessandro Boyens for Neversummer and Seili for Völkl.
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Whiteout Photo Issue 4

jackson toursits.


back in jackson.
After a 8 hour drive and a little photo session at the north entrance of the Yellowstone Park we finally arrived at the Super 8 motel in Jackson.
bye cooke.
Leaving Cooke City today and heading back to Jackson.
NEW! hä?wear ClickItSystem.
My buddies from hä?wear just came up with the CIS. Get your combo now! Seriously - get it!
last men standing.
Levi, Mike & me.
 Now it's just the three of us. The last two days we hit the mountain for the last time with sleds. Yesterday was freezing (-30°C) but we took some nice shots back home.
bye seili & knicke

Today we had to say good bye to our mates Seili and Knicke.. Seili's going back home and Knicke is off to Japan where his buddy Yves Suter is already waiting. Now it's just the 3 of us in our little cabin underneath the stars in the -27°C cold night. Looks like bluebird for tomorrow...