red house
the red house

sleds covered with snow in front of the Exxon station
Today we shaped an awesome spot in town at an old red house but unfortunately the people here weren't that pleased and we didn't shoot it - I hope we can convince them to let us pull this off.
fat lips & lost snowboards
Levi sledding after his board.

Today we had another kicker shoot. Knicke kissed his knee on the first try and Levi's board rode downhill by itself while he was sledding up the inrun - but Levi killed it anyways, once again.
cooke sunset & foxy lady

 After a few hard days of hiking, shaping and shooting we slept a little longer and shot a hip not far away from the city. When we got back a beautiful sunset and this little fox surprised us.

Afahre, driheiche und lüege wiesdi üsapaniert.

RARE MOMENT! Always funny Knicke serious for once.
Levi thinkin about his next trick.

Last Sunday was cleaning day in our cabin and I found this off the hook vacuum cleaner. Check it out!

OFF TO COOKE pt.4. ghostbusters! from Mike Knobel on Vimeo.
snowing bluebird.


aemka the cinematographka

shape it.
After more than half of the crew got sick and barfed their guts out we could finally continue our mission today.

sled it.

again, moving images will follow.

Cooke City
 Denver Airport
 Our ride.
 Seili and Knicke BabyPunkRock.
 Levi strapping our board bags
 Mike "Aemka" Knobel da driva
After a long long trip, one night in Jackson Hole and a one day drive around the Yellowstone National Park we finally arrived in Cooke City. Video of the trip coming soon! Stay tuned!
feed the monster.
Today we shaped a spot in my home village for tomorrow.. Und z Rämi isch nisch cho hälfe mit schinem Trax - verdämmt flotta Kärli!
Whiteout No. 21 Portraits and action for the Checkouts of the young gun Lucien Koch and my buddy Rafi Imhof