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 Roger back again.
 Seili with waaaay too much speed for this drop.
Roger, Seili and Levi hikin' the inrun of our booter.
There's hardly anything more frustrating than tourists destroying your landing. Happened today and the only thing that I could do was watching.
hallo vs.

After 2 weeks shooting with the Isen7 guys we had our first shoot after christmas with Levi, Seili and hä?mat on board.
Transworld Snowboarding Wallpaper
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Flipside V E6 from Absinthe Films on Vimeo.


bünden with Colin and DBK

DBK wants YOU!

Colin checkin' his photos

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Many Thanks to you guys for those fun times! And big up to the guys from MBM for doin such a nice job!

Today we had a fuck-yeah powder day! I didn't take one single photo that's why I show you the best word to describe it instead... Got the graphic from that guy. Thx,sry&bigup!