Had a nice powder day on my home resort with Rafi Imhof and Svettala Sari. No lifts, no people and the mountain was all ours.

Get the new wallpapers I took on Wednesday on the Simplon Pass on and on
Sempione mi amici. 2
2nd day: hit the 1st jump of the season but landing and weather were pretty soon pretty bad. Got some nice shots though.. Winter's on!
sempione mi amici.
Sempione again with Sebi, Seili, Levi and Roger. Not too much snow but still good times. Let's get it on tomorrow!
Had a fun wallride shoot on the Simplon with the ugly faces Levi Luggen, Sebi Bumann, Martin Seiler and Roger Eggel (once again killing it)
'NowHere' European Premiere Zürich

'NowHere' European Premiere Zürich from Absinthe Films on Vimeo.

The shot I took of Terje and Brusti wasn't even sharp :) haha DICK. (See proof below)

I had the pleasure and honor of meeting and joining those guys that day. Take a look at the impressions below.
Jamie MOliver, Salama and Jules 'Oueee mec!' Reymond
In the bus: (left) Jules, Shane, Brisse, Terje and Chris; (mid) Cheers Brusti!; (right) Say hi to JP! What up?!
Kino Corso; Dan Brisse stoked about his banger part and Ahriel stoked about the cosy seats!
Brusti & Terje - Blurry Legends

Snowboarder MBM No.155 is out now! I've got Fredi Kalbermatten killing the tight couloir on the Fiescheralp as 'First Track' and Ändu Arn splashing on top of the Eggishorn in the gallery in it.

Thank's Fredi and Ändu for those unforgettable days!!!!!


Just found those shots of Jan-Mathys Imhasly, Lexi's big bro. Can't wait to ride our home mountain's powder again! Geit nimme lang.

Seili after a crazy line
 Sooooo much powder
Sebi's stoked too
Spent the day with my buddies Martin Seiler and Sebi Bumann in Saas-Fee with about 60cm fresh powder and as you can imagine it was just legen...

We were the first people on top and the last ones that left the mountain. Shooted some sprays, some lines and some drops but most of all we shredded the hell out of it. Don't know if I ever had powder day this awesome in November.. Fun fun fun.

Gigi AK lines Full Part from new Volcom movie release “9191″.

Gigi AK lines Full Part from new Volcom movie release “9191″. from jordan on Vimeo.

greatest portrait ever.
Roger Eggel, 8. Feb. 2009.. No more words necessary.
Powderprognose animated

Flipside V E4 
Lucas Debari & Jake Blauvelt having some fun in BC and Mt. Baker, DCP messing with trees and of course Jules with his 'consistent' funny comments :) haha I like this guy!

Flipside V E4 from Absinthe Films on Vimeo.

Windy Saas-Fee

Yesterday I had a shoot with Ursina Haller in Saas-Fee. As you can see it was windy as hell and the pipe was very icy but now you can ride down to 'Maschte Vier' and there's more pow to come this week. Felt almost like winter :)
Cyril Müller - Polish Rails
Cyril talking about some of his shots of his trip to Poland. Nice photos and nice making of!