Doublespread of Jeremiah "Mitschgi Jada J. Jackson Miah Heavy" Schwery clearing the galleria of the Simplon-Pass with a smooth fs3 in the American Snowboard Magazine.
Good job Scuba!
nice pow, nice people, nice day - amen.

Mat wanna hit it again

my "place of work"

ändu stoked about his stomped tricks at his first pow kicker of the season

Today was a good day. After some days of bad luck Mat Bumann, Jeremiah Schwery, Andreas Arn, local Jammy Imhasly and I built a nice pow kicker on the Fiescheralp. Today we had our shooting and after that some awesome and funny deep powder rides.

cheerio bros


Immediately run to the next kiosk and get yourself a copy of the Snowboarder MBM 150!!!! (yeah, cool, great, super, fancy!)

I'm mentioned in the MBM History cuz of our cover with Seili of issue 144. Pretty stoked and surprised about that! 
Seili has his Rising Star with two action shots and a portrait. Congrats Seili!
By the way, senior photographer Howzee got his Photofolio with some sick shots in it! Yeah Howzee!
Check it out!

I'm going for a wank.


mat. sitcked. stoked.
seili before droppin in

had a cool booter shoot today with Mat Bumann, Seili the snow cow and Lutzius Lutzifer.


Check out my interview on twoleftfeet.ch. (No, I'm not shitting in my pants on that portrait x)