filmers getting ready

Had some wutang doubleflip fun on the Belalp with Levi Luggen, Roger Eggel and some locals.

Got some shots in the current Whiteout Mag: Action from Seili in the gallery and once again Seili heading toward a dead booter in the impressum.
And finally the hä?wear ad with Seb Bumann as baldhead on it!

By the way hä?wear is a young creative brand  with a cool team originated by great guys who know what it's all about!! check it out!

Today we had our first BC Kicker shoot of the season but weren't very lucky cuz of damn thick fog..
but the night shoot was much more successful.

tired as hell but happy

good night out there and funny pow-days!

1st powday..!

Powder season 2009/10 has begun. Eureka!