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After 3 awesome weeks in Japan and a couple of missed flights I finally made it back home to Switzerland. It had snowed a bunch so I couldn't wait to get up on the mountain again. I met up again with Fredi K, Auri Anthamatten, Aaron Hooper and Mason Aguirre who joined the crew a week ago in Saas-Fee. Powder, bluebird and a kicker shoot - I love my job.

Levi on

Levi Luggen's got another shot on This time with the Fistbump Chickensalad from 2010. Good memories!

Japow III Volcanic Shred

Went up to Mt. Asahidake, the tallest mountain in Hokkaido with 2290m. The scenery is just blew our minds up there with all those volcanic gush springs so Alex and stuffed our memorycards to the fullest. The snow was totally windblown as expected but the bird was blue and we managed to find some nice pockets to land in for Marco and Fips. Gotta love Japan. Hitting the trees again tomorrow.

Japow II

After a week in more touristic Niseko snow we moved on up north-east to Asahidake where powder finally awaited us. So far it's been a great trip, seeing beautiful things, eating delicious food and meeting interesting people. We even ran into some friends from back home like photografriend and japanlover Thomas Stöckli aka Creager as well as Markus Keller with his CHAMäLEON Crew. For the next 7 days it's all gonna be about the action before we're gonna hit Tokyo. So, stay tuned! Check out the video below to get a little glimpse of what it's like here:

Japow I

I arrived safely in Japan where I met up with my friends Marco Smolla, Fips Strauss and filmer Alex Schiller from Isenseven. Surprisingly it has been bluebird weather only so far but that can only mean a big powstorm is about to drop. Except of Marco's little sleep-walking accident everything's been great so far. Can't wait to shred! Stay tuned for more!

Fredi K on a visit

 The whole Saas-Fee crew including Fredi K, Auri A, Forrest B and Aaron H visited me at my place, so we went out for a little sesh!